Last on the Ballot and First in his love for Tustin

Twenty-six years ago I chose to live in Tustin because I felt it was the best Home Town in Orange County to raise a family. Today I’m running for re-election to the Tustin City Council to ensure that Tustin keeps the magic that originally attracted me here in the first place.

I am proud to be your Mayor this year, and am gratified and encouraged by the support I have already received in my campaign including friends, and neighbors I have worked with through the many years of my family’s involvement in our community, including, Tustin Dolphins, Tustin PONY League, Tustin Eastern Little League, NJB, AYSO Soccer, SoCal Waterpolo and numerous sports, events and activities for our local public schools, where my children graduated from Tustin High.

As a City with a lot of citizen participation we have accomplished a lot during my first term on the City Council and as your Mayor, and I ask for your vote to keep Tustin on the right track. These are accomplishments during my term on the City Council, in which as residents you should take pride.

  • Crime is down in the last year end study due to our great Police Department. Violent Crime is down 25% and Property Crime down 12%. I pledge to continue to give our police officers the resources they need to keep this trend going.

  • The City budget is in good shape. Even with the State eliminating Redevelopment Agencies and looking at other ways to take City revenues the City maintains a healthy general fund reserve of over 18%. We are in much better financial shape then several of our neighboring cities. I pledge to look at further ways to keep our budget balanced, including regional cost sharing.

  • The pro business climate in Tustin was enhanced last year when we eliminated business license fees and most construction permit fees. This brought new small businesses to town and created more jobs and helped enhance our local economy. Also the Tustin Legacy Development has started up again and is creating more jobs. Watch for homes and apartment homes and Tustin Ranch Road being built over the next few months. I pledge to keep that business friendly attitude alive and well in Tustin.

  • We are on the cutting edge of reform being one of the first cities in Orange County to enact pension reform that is fair to the taxpayer. We also enacted one of the first sexual predator restriction laws in Orange County, helping to keep our children safe. I pledge to continue to keep Tustin a regional leader in Orange County.

  • A couple of years ago Tustin was ranked in the top 25 Cities in the US to “Live Well” in by Forbes Magazine. I pledge to continue that trend into the future, with no additional taxes.

I ask for your vote to keep Tustin on the right Track.  Remember, I am last on the ballot but first in my love of Tustin.



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