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First and foremost, I’d like to thank my Council colleagues for choosing me to lead this great city for 2016. I’d also like to thank the residents of Tustin for your continued support of our Tustin City Council.

I’d like to acknowledge that our current seated Council has been serving cohesively for the last 3 years, and we, along with a dedicated staff, have made many accomplishments.

For this great town, 2016 provides an opportunity to build upon our city’s past accomplishments and to move our city forward we are not slowing down any time soon.

With that said, I’d like to share my goals for this 2016 as they are based on a solid foundation in hoping to move our community forward in a few new areas:


1.Communication and Education


We are moving quickly to schedule the first Tustin Citizen’s Academy in the spring. The goal of this academy will be to provide an opportunity for residents to learn firsthand about city functions and operations. The Academy will provide a well-rounded overview of municipal government, services, tools and resources available to all residents.

I’d also like to promote the youth voice in local government by expanding our Student Government Day. For several years, Tustin Unified School District has worked with City staff to choose representatives from each of the high schools, and they spend a day visiting with each city department. I’d like to develop it into a year-long program where the students representatives not only learn how our city functions,

 but also meet and provide quarterly updates on youth issues, school activities, and the like. For our high school students, this is a unique opportunity to work with city leaders and staff. This may ultimately lead to the formation of a Youth Committee.

2.Infrastructure Improvements

In 2016, I’d like to see us move forward in completing designs on critical capital improvements that would enhance our community sustainability aesthically and economically. There are 4 areas I’d like to focus on:


a) Complete the Newport Avenue design so it runs through to Edinger Avenue and direct staff to search for funding sources to complete the project. This has been discussed and re-discussed for 30+ years. We need to get it completed.

b) Completion of the Downtown/Old Town Commercial Core Plan and specific improvements which will enhance the area through hardscape, landscaping, and signage in the Downtown area and encourage compatible development.

c) Create designs for our traffic gateways into town, including Newport Avenue, Red Hill Avenue off of the 5 Freeway, 4th and 17th Streets off of the 55 Freeway.

These entrance ways into Tustin, should be designed with a common theme with signage and landscaping reflecting the uniqueness of Tustin.

d) In cooperation with Vestar, create a design for a better traffic flow for the District at Tustin Legacy Shopping Center.

3.Regional Coordination

I’d like to increase our communication and working relationship with residents in North Tustin and nearby neighborhoods. It is my desire to enhance service levels and increase transparency by enhancing dialog with our neighboring communities.

One area I’d like to focus on is services from a regional perspective through cost sharing ideas that will ultimately provide better services to our community.


4.Facility Improvements

Ensure we develop plans for a police substation at the Tustin Legacy development.

I’d also like to see the City move forward with an expansion of our Tustin Area Senior Center. This center is one of the busiest and most active in the county, and we are beginning to outgrow this facility. I would like to see us develop a Master Plan for expansion capabilities at the site.  


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